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We, at FOCUS, believe, beyond any doubt, that our success, growth and reputation depend upon the commitment and capabilities of our employees as well as our leaders at every level. Having one shared vision and one shared purpose binds our efforts, challenges our capabilities and provides us with sharp focus and understanding of what we aspire to achieve on a group level. Yet, focus alone is not enough. It is the means as well as the end. Our sharp focus needs to be crowned with standards of behavior, principles, that guide our efforts as well as guide our individual decisions, both on a daily level as well as on a strategic level,…
To focus on contribute outstanding value to Clients, Employees and Vendors , establishing satisfied long term relationships. To focus on expand our business by providing technology support and customer focused products that maintaining the relationship and move forward with the good reputation. To focus on being a respected and agile corporation that continuously enhances the value we provide through best-of-breed business solutions, delivered by best-in-class people.
FOCUS IT provides IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services to Corporate and help them plan, build, manage and improve their IT infrastructure strategy. We selling IT solutions for customers across Egypt for IT Infrastructure, Our capabilities bridge the entire IT spectrum aiming on IT architecture, hardware, software and network consulting. Our IT Solution components include Servers, Storages, Networking, Attendance Systems, Queuing Systems and Printing Solutions. We have calibers staff to satisfy our customer's needs. and highly trained to Build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partners is key to our success.

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  • If you have a problem (hardware or software) or you are looking for assistance your requirement is fully covered under the Focus services team.
  • Our services are available in all of Egypt. To meet the services levels required we have engineers and spare parts available to ensure that the service can be delivered.
  • Over 150 staff ensure of our organization can support your needs from independent technical advice to project management.
  • How can we serve you? We offer a variety of services to meet diverse a challenging business needs.