who we are

We, at FOCUS, believe, beyond any doubt, that our success, growth and reputation depend upon the commitment and capabilities of our employees as well as our leaders at every level. Having one shared vision and one shared purpose binds our efforts, challenges our capabilities and provides us with sharp focus and understanding of what we aspire to achieve on a group level. Yet, focus alone is not enough. It is the means as well as the end. Our sharp focus needs to be crowned with standards of behavior, principles, that guide our efforts as well as guide our individual decisions, both on a daily level as well as on a strategic level, that are congruent with and supportive to the company's vision and objectives. FOCUS is growing in size and thus in responsibility towards all stakeholders including its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders as well as society and environment. It is becoming of crucial importance to act with the energy, coherence and spirit of highly ethical top performing teams.We, at FOCUS are determined to be an exemplary company performing with full power fueled by committed members who believe that FOCUS is not only a place to work in but rather a place where they can fulfill their ambitions and live like a big caring family. It is our intention and only choice to achieve sustained success, through leadership, only to savor a better status to all stakeholders including, as a priority, the communities we work within.

Our Vision

To focus on contribute outstanding value to Clients, Employees and Vendors , establishing satisfied long term relationships.
To focus on expand our business by providing technology support and customer focused products that maintaining the relationship and move forward with the good reputation.
To focus on being a respected and agile corporation that continuously enhances the value we provide through best-of-breed business solutions, delivered by best-in-class people.

Our Mission

FOCUS IT provides IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services to Corporate and help them plan, build, manage and improve their IT infrastructure strategy. We selling IT solutions for customers across Egypt for IT Infrastructure, Our capabilities bridge the entire IT spectrum aiming on IT architecture, hardware, software and network consulting. Our IT Solution components include Servers, Storages, Networking, Attendance Systems, Queuing Systems and Printing Solutions. We have calibers staff to satisfy our customer’s needs. and highly trained to Build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partners is key to our success.

Our Values

Values are rules for living.They are deeply held beliefs that a certain way of being is preferable to another. An organization's values make an open declaration about how it expects everyone in the organization to behave.... the purpose of establishing a set of values is to create a code of behavior that builds a cohesive culture and supports the vision and mission. The following values capture the spirit and models behavioral competencies about how we aspire to achieve our purpose and vision: Commitment The power of believing we can Commitment We are committed to exert every effort possible, with integrity and honor, based on sound knowledge and calculated risks, to reach and maintain leadership in every market we operate within. We are committed to comply and cherish our company's values, vision and purpose in a way that conveys a unified and cohesive image to all our stakeholders.We are committed to ethical behavior, excellence, growth, innovation and initiative.

A staff member who adopts such value

  • Keeps promises under any circumstances.
  • Conforms with and highly respects company values, policies and rules.
  • Handles company data and knowledge with discretion and confidentiality.
  • Is highly ethical towards all others. (Confronts potentially unethical behavior – doesn’t look away)
  • Represents the company in the best way possible under all conditions and circumstances.
  • Believes in winning and behaves with a winner attitude.
  • Faces problems and challenges with initiative and innovation.
  • Contributes, tangibly or intangibly, in helping the company being socially and environmentally responsible.